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7 Virtual Tours You Can Enjoy Without Leaving Home

With stay at home measures in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people have had to cancel travel and vacations. It’s disappointing and disheartening to have to cancel or postpone something you’ve been looking forward to, but just because plans have to change, doesn’t mean we can’t still experience some of the joy of traveling.

Shore delight: The Maine Island Trail

Quiet picnic spots, porpoises and seals, remote campsites and seldom-seen coastal beauty await. Little Chebeague isn’t as little as you might think. My guide is leading me into the island’s dense, leafy interior. I can hear the words that she used before we…

Casco Bay’s Mackworth Island: A place to feel ‘the slow circles of nature’

“Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back in the slow circles of nature, is a help.” That quote comes from a posthumous publishing of the journals of May Sarton, the Belgian-born, Massachusetts-raised poet and memoirist who spent…

‘Every weekend if the weather cooperates’

Cousins, Littlejohn islands offer year-round, drivable, Casco Bay bounty Bring your bike. Bring a camera. And pack a lunch. This is the distillation of advice that my travel partner and I received from locals – well, basically locals – during our recent foray…

How The Internet Is Playing A Crucial Role In Keeping Everyone Connected In This Critical Time

Well, the similarities in fiction and facts are not as apparent as portrayed in the Hollywood movie Contagion. What the world is facing in real time seems to be hauntingly prescient, quite similar to a chronicle of the foretold pandemic.