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Your daily inspiration booster: Four celebs who overcame adversity and trauma

We tend to forget that famous people have their own inspirational stories. Many, if not all, did not succeed on their first try. These people have a normal life, like us, that consists of having to discover themselves and face adversity.

7 Virtual Tours You Can Enjoy Without Leaving Home

With stay at home measures in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people have had to cancel travel and vacations. It’s disappointing and disheartening to have to cancel or postpone something you’ve been looking forward to, but just because plans have to change, doesn’t mean we can’t still experience some of the joy of traveling.


Reality TV in the isolation chamber

Reality TV is an entertainment system without writers, actors, or scripts. Instead, the shows concentrate on real events or situations. Some reality shows come in the form of sports, while others focus on specific lifestyles.